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View Resource Great Lakes Maritime Database

is an extensive source of information on approximately 14,000 19th Century ships that sailed the Great Lakes. Each vessel record may include build & owner info, a brief historical timeline, and photographs. The database was compiled from the collection of C. Patrick Labadie.
View Resource Michigan Oral History Database

Michigan Oral History database is a free resource to both institutions and those interested in oral history. Users log in, create an account, and begin to contribute oral history records giving researchers worldwide the ability to access and browse descriptions of interviews.
View Resource Oakland Regional Historic Sites

Oakland Regional Historic Sites (ORHS) is a collaboration among the historical agencies of the greater Rochester, Michigan area, sponsored and led by the Rochester Avon Historical Society. The database is designed to provide a one-stop resource for anyone interested in exploring our community's historic sites, thereby encouraging local history education and research, appreciation and...
View Resource Michigan Poorhouse History

Photos and links to more information on Michigan poorhouses.
View Resource Lake Ontario Lighthouses

This is an Interactive Lake Ontario Lighthouse map, linked to corresponding lighthouse pictures and history. Just point and click on listing or interactive map which shows location of lighthouses on Lake Ontario.
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