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Government -- FOR local governments (counties, townships, cities, villages, tribal)

View Resource MDOT Local Agency Programs

MDOT's Local Agency Programs Unit administers the local allocation of federal and state aid programs (Urban, Rural, Bridge, Enhancement, Economic Development, and Special Appropriations) in Michigan. This unit is responsible for the development of statewide processes for the implementation of all required state and federal regulations as it relates to local government agencies.  See...,4616,7-151-9625_25885---,00.h...
View Resource MiDEAL

Extended purchasing program which allows Michigan local units of government to use  state contracts to buy goods and services.
View Resource Michigan Labor Market Information - Local Area Information

The Michigan Workforce Informer contains several valuable tools with information on specific geographic areas, occupations, local businesses, and available training programs.
View Resource State Surplus

Property seized by police, voluntarily surrendered at airports or no longer needed by government agencies become surplus.  DTMB is charged with collecting these items and making them available to the public for purchase through live and online auctions.  Also, access for government agencies and non-profit organizations to the federal surplus program.,4568,7-150-9141_13135---,00.h...